Published 01.17.2018

Dear colleagues partners and friends!

The Russian Microfinance Center and the National Association of Microfinance Market Stakeholders (NAMMS) are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the Fourth International Conference on Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion - FINFIN 2018.
The conference will be held on February 13, 2018 in Moscow at the "Marriott Grand Hotel" (26/2 Tverskaya Street).

The name of the current event: "Strategies for Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion: New Opportunities and Risks for Consumers of Financial Services."

Key topics of the conference:

• Practical implementation of the Strategy for Financial Literacy in the Russian Federation in the next five years, including the interaction of the parties, the role of financial institutions, possible activities, expected results and future prospects

• Behavioral economics and its impact on ethical standards and the level of social responsibility of the financial market participants

• Creative approaches to financially educate the adult population and the most vulnerable groups of population

• Consumer confidence as a key factor of a successful marketing strategy in the financial market

• The growing role of FinTech's tools and services in improving financial literacy of consumers

• What kind of interaction between the financial market and civil society should be in order to increase financial literacy of the population.

The registration form for participants and the preliminary program of the event are presented on the official website of the Conference:

ATTENTION! Participation in the Conference is free of charge.

We draw to your attention that the organizers of the event reserve the right to reject an application by participants in case of an incomplete registration form or the scope of the applicant's activity is not related to the financial market.

FINFIN – is an annual international conference aiming to bring together financial institutions, state bodies, and expert community to exchange and share best practices and the latest trends in the area of financial literacy and financial inclusion. The Conference fosters an open dialog between market practitioners, government officials and researchers. It also provides an ideal environment to develop new initiatives that would ensure sustainable development of the industry, increase the availability and quality of financial services for the population, and promote financial literacy programs in order to improve the well-being of Russian citizens. 

Organizing Committee of the Conference
Tel: +7 (495) 258-8705, 258-6831

Project Manager
Anastasia Demidenko

Interaction with the media
Elena Leontieva